9 Bad Communication Habits You Need to Break Immediately

conversation illu 37939 - 9 Bad Communication Habits You Need to Break Immediately

badCommunication 01 - 9 Bad Communication Habits You Need to Break Immediately

Bad communication habits may prevent people to build relationships and take part in serious conversations. And here are 9 bad communication habits you have to break immediately. Try to get rid of them so that communication with people will be more effective.

1. Complain to provoke sympathy

Complains about how bad your life is (in order to attract attention and sympathy) can turn into unpleasant consequences very soon. Of course, this behavior can work in the short term as people usually respond with kindness and try to support a person who falls into an unpleasant situation. But if it becomes a habit, then you will surely push people away.

2. Focus only on your point of view

The habit of concentrating only on one’s own words, not paying attention to the opinions of others, very quickly starts to irritate people. After all, the ability to listen to someone else’s point of view is the key to good communication. If you catch yourself thinking that you constantly think what to say next and don’t listen to what others say, then start working on your communication habits. Ask additional questions to your interlocutor or repeat in your own words what he or she tells you.

3. Don’t pay full attention to a person

If you think that multitasking is good in everything, then you are seriously mistaken. In fact, this is what prevents communication. After all, it is disrespectful to use your smartphone during a conversation, watch the broadcast on TV or not look into the eyes of an interlocutor. It is very important to give all of your attention to a person with whom you are talking (and it doesn’t matter whether you are talking on the phone or in person). Show a person that you appreciate him/her and forget about the multitasking for a while because this is one of the bad communication habits.

4. Don’t support

If you only specify negative points, people will quickly stop communicating with you. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to draw the attention of your interlocutor to some negative aspects, but this should be done very carefully. At the same time, make sure that the negative doesn’t outweigh the positive. For example, if your friend dates a new girl or plans to go to an interview for a new job, then you shouldn’t say that he can fail. If you want people to enjoy communicating with you, then support them and always be ready to cheer them up.

5. Argue for every reason

As a rule, people don’t like those who like to argue. Avoid constantly engaging in fierce discussions, proving your rightness and pointing out to others their mistakes. Of course, you can’t always agree with interlocutors, but don’t try to impose your views on them.

6. Talk too much about yourself

People get tired of listening to the stories of interlocutors about themselves without the possibility to share some of their thoughts. Ask people about who they are and learn new about their life. Looking for a wife to marry, you need to keep this in mind as women hate when men talk too much in general and about themselves in particular.

7. Gossip about others

If you like to speak ill of everyone around, people will start avoiding you. After all, an intelligent person understands that he/she can become a victim of gossip at any moment. So, avoid spreading rumors and don’t discuss other people’s affairs. It is better to share your own ideas and experiences.

8. Show off your achievements

Of course, it is normal to be proud of your victories. But if you boast of them, you will cause irritation in people. If you passed the job interview, don’t tell the other person how good you were.

9. Control your irritation

It is wrong to shout at people every time you get irritated or angry with someone. Thus, you seriously limit your social circle. Try to control your irritation because this is one of the bad communication habits.

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