Things you should know about elevators.

featured image - Things you should know about elevators.

featured image - Things you should know about elevators.

Friday afternoon, when I was waiting for the elevator on the ground floor one of my colleagues, asked me, “Why don’t you use the staircase?” I was totally clueless, and I just smiled. Later I understood the sense, i.e., my place is on the 1st floor still I prefer the elevator.

Even you may have done this many times but have you ever thought of “Why do we do this? What makes the elevator our first preference?” The answer to all these questions is just our need.

Necessity is the mother of invention. And so we are surrounded with so many amazing things, one of them is the Elevator. But do you really know anything about elevator other than a room which takes you in the air to the topmost floor of the building and down, in seconds without burning calories? Here are a few things you should know about an elevator.

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• Though long ago Archimedes invented the elevator, but Elisha Graves Otis was the man who has made the present-day skyscrapers possible. Otis was an engineer, who had the same hard history in his career like other engineers have.
Later, while working as manager of an abandoned sawmill, the thought of moving all the old debris up to the upper levels of the factory made him design the elevator which was installed in the E.V. Haughwout Building in New York. After the success of launching the first elevator, he started his own company which is supplying the majority of elevators today.

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• In the year 1853, the first elevator was designed in a building, at the Cooper Union Foundation in New York. Later in 1874, the first modern elevator was launched. And in the year 1985, the first smart elevator was installed in the lobby of the hotel Marriot Marquis of the New York City. In 1870, these elevators were further installed in offices and buildings with multiple floors.

• The world’s tallest elevator is supposed to be the elevator that is being installed in the 1,000-meter tall building the Jeddah Tower previously known as the Kingdome tower. The project was about to end this year (2018), but it is still on, and it would be amazing.

• Have you ever heard some music in the elevator? If you think it is for the entertainment so that people do not get bored, you are wrong. It is actually for the people who fear elevator and is installed to divert their minds. Today, all of us are accustomed, and we hardly find any music in the lift, but the sound acts as a source to remove the fear factor from the minds of the people who fear of elevators.

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• Next to elevator we have the moving stairs, escalator. But the lifts are safer than escalators. However, each of them has their own drawback, but elevators are considered 20 times more sheltered than the escalators.

• Engineers have stated that the height of an elevator cannot be more than 1700 feet as the steel hoist rope weight would not obey the laws of gravitation if it exceeds over 3200 feet. Let us see how it would be executed in the Jeddah tower of 3280 feet.

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• It is better to travel in an elevator than in a car. Survey says an average of 26 people dies every year in the United States in Elevator accident whereas in a car accident 26 people die every hour.

• As soon as you enter the elevator, you press the number of your destination floor and the Close door button. As soon as you touch the Close door button did the door close? No, it didn’t you must not have noticed ever. That button is just an illusion. The doors won’t close faster. Next time you enter the lift try this out.

• In the next few years, the money spent on the maintenance and modernization of the elevators would be 125 million dollars and more.

4 - Things you should know about elevators.

I wonder what would life be without elevators? Elevators have totally changed our way towards life. Previously there was discrimination amongst people concerning the number of the floor on which they lived. This number game was inversely implemented, and the highest number floor was for the poor ones and vice versa. People who had enough money would choose the lower floor so that they do not get their legs cramped. With the installment of elevators, the same rich people now pay a tremendous amount to the elevator companies to get the view they get from their windows. Innovation changes people and here is what we can see a change in the number game.

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