9 Lesser Known Interesting Facts About Lord Ganesha

15 1 - 9 Lesser Known Interesting Facts About Lord Ganesha

15 1 - 9 Lesser Known Interesting Facts About Lord Ganesha

“The child of the Lord and the goddess of adoration. The Lord of intelligence whose life story teach us numerous lessons.”

Who is He?

He is the universally adored Lord “GANESHA”.

What’s more, we can’t get over His heavenliness and adorableness. He doesn’t just have lovers from all around the globe yet additionally has an enormous fan following across web too. If you are also a devout believer of Lord Vinayaka, this Ganesh Chaturthi venerate him with your love.

1. The Special Grants Of Ganesha

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Lord Ganesha with His intelligence and learning has been honored with some unique stipends which make him one of the prominent Hindu Gods. He is worshiped first before different Gods in each sacred parade. In this manner, Ganesh is by and large worshiped alone amid Ganesh Chaturthi pooja. But, amid Durga puja, He is worshiped alongside his family – Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Kartik, Goddess Laxmi, and Goddess Saraswati. Devotees want blessings from them because they provide them success, happiness and prosperity.

2. For what reason Is He Called Ekdanta?

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All of you know the history behind His elephant head yet do you know the history behind His one-tooth? Indeed, as indicated by Brahmavavart Purana, the colossal sage Parshurama once went to the Kailash mountain to visit Shiva but that time shiva was meditating. But, Lord Ganesha didn’t allow Parshuram to meet Shiva. This irritated Parshuram and He utilized his hatchet which was conceded to Him by Shiva himself to assault the little Ganesha. To regard the intensity of the weapon given by his dad, Ganesha took the assault on one of His teeth and since that point He is called Ekdanta.

3. Who Penned Down The Mahabharata?

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It is trusted that Lord Ganesha is the main writer of the epic Mahabharata. The considerable sage Vyasa discovered Lord Ganesha deserving of understanding the Mahabharata. In this way, He chose to present the epic Mahabharata to Ganesha and requesting that he write it with no interruption. One of the story says that Ganesha broke his tusk and utilized it to write the remains of Mahabharata when the plume separated in the middle.

4. Is Ganesha Married Or Unmarried?

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While in South India, it is trusted that Ganesha is a Brahmacharya, it is for the most part trusted that Lord Ganesha was married to the twin sisters Riddhi (Goddess of thriving) and Siddhi ( Goddess of Intellect) who gave them two children Shubha and Labha .

5. The Story Of Ganesha And Tulsi

Brahmavavart Puran says, Tulsi Devi was astonished by the appeal of Lord Ganesha when she was crossing through the banks of waterway Ganga where Lord Ganesha was meditating. Tulsi Devi proceeded to request that Ganesha wed her however Ganesha answered that He will never get married in His life. This enraged Tulsi and she reviled Ganesha that He will be hitched soon and Ganesha reviled Tulsi her to be a plant for eternity.

6. The Mystery Behind His Birth

9 1 - 9 Lesser Known Interesting Facts About Lord Ganesha

As indicated by Puranas, Goddess Parvati kept a Punyak fast and desired for a child kid. It is trusted that because of this fast, a manifestation of Lord Krishna was destined to Parvati as Lord Ganesha. Another story says that Parvati made Ganesha from the dirt of her body as she needed somebody faithful to her as Nandi was to Lord Shiva.

7. At the point when Ganesha Got Angry

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Indeed, you probably won’t trust that Lord Ganesha can really get furious however once the moon laughed at Ganesha’s fat tummy. After that, Ganesha reviled the moon and said that on Vinayagar Chaturthi, whoever will take a gander at the moon, he would be erroneously faulted. That is the reason why individuals put stock in not looking at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi.

8. The Tale Of Banana-Bride

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All things considered, this story is had confidence in West Bengal and the story says that once Goddess Durga was eating up sustenance. Ganesha got some information about this situation. To this, Goddess Durga answered; “What if your wife does not give enough food to eat after you get married?”. At that point, Ganesha went to cut a Banana tree and offered it to his mom saying; “This is your daughter-in-law”. In this way, even today amid Durga puja, Banana tree enveloped by a saree and decorated with vermilion is put on the correct side of Lord Ganesha as his significant other.

9. His Footprints In Other Religions

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Lord Ganesha isn’t just worshiped by Hindus yet by Buddhists as well. In Buddhism, Ganesha is alluded to as Vinayaka and is worshiped in nations like Tibet, China, and Japan. His intelligence, learning, and philosophies are respected by aficionados from all over.

These were several intresting facts about Lord Ganesha which will influence you to love him considerably more. Thus, while you send your adored one’s Ganesh Chaturthi wishes, remember to illuminate them with these fascinating actualities as well.

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