Modi – Is this the man behind building strong nation?

fearu - Modi - Is this the man behind building strong nation?
fearu - Modi - Is this the man behind building strong nation?

Modi – Is this the man behind building strong nation? If

  • Doing surgical strike for Modi ji was wrong then he is wrong
  • Implementing the GST in the system for the betterment of the economy was not correct then he is not correct for India.
  • Demonetization was not the appropriate idea for Indians then is not the correct Prime Minister for us.
  • Providing bullet proof jackets and modern weapons to the Indian army for their safety was unsuitable for them then he also doesn’t suit the country.
  • Providing electricity to 18450 the villagers was a bad idea, then he is also bad for the society.
  • Introducing Ayushman Bharat for the health of the poor and vulnerable families was wrong, then he is completely wrong for us.
  • He is not corrupted and not getting anyone involved in this then he should not be the Prime Minister today.
  • The price of stents decrease which helped the poor to buy medicines at affordable prices was not justified then he is an unjust.
  • Making a woman in India as India’s Defense Minister and providing 33% reservation for women in the police department and think of women empowerment, then he is the one who doesn’t treat women equally to men
  •  Decision of making Olympic medalist as sports minister so that everything should go In right direction was wrong then he is wrong.
  • Working 18 hours a day for the nation and not thinking anything about his personal life was selfishness, then he is one of the most selfish person.
  • He was struggling for making India as a Vishwa Guru was not correct then he is not the right person for us.
  • Making India capable from a loan receiving nation to loan lending nation was not an achievement for all of us then he is not the right decision maker.
  • Breaking the backbone of terrorists and Naxals was not correct then he is also not the correct person for India at all.
1 8 - Modi - Is this the man behind building strong nation?
  • For finding the missing students and making them unite with their family was not appropriate then he is also not appropriate to become the Prime Minister of India.
  • Finding fake teachers to make the future of India secure was not correct and was against the ethics then he should be punished for this.
  • Cows are worshipped in India; if banning cow slaying in India was against the belief, then he is an impassive and is not correct.
  • Thinking of poor people and distributing free LPG for them was not a good idea, then making him as our Prime Minister was also not good.
  • Improving bonds with Japan, making digital India and starting bullet train project for the development of India was a bad idea, then he should not be the one who can take the decisions for us.
  • He also provided fertilizer subsidy which helped the farmers a lot. If this was not the plan for the betterment and showed his selfishness, then he should be in the position where he is standing.
  • Closing fake companies in India for the development of the country was not the correct decision then he is also not correct.
  • Modernizing Indian railways for the comfort of the people and making it profitable, which can help in development, was not the right decision, then he is the wrong person for making the decisions for us.

There were many other schemes like increasing India’s GDP, which he implemented that helped us in the development of the country.

Now we should think, by making Modi ji our Prime Minister was the right decision or wrong. Whether our country has suffered or has become developed.

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