Mistakes that make you look older

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We all want to look fresh and young and make up is the easiest thing to do that. But there are few mistakes that we make in our daily routine which make us look older. We should always evolve and adapt make up style needs of our changing skin as we age. The same make up technique cannot be used from high school to 10, 20, 30 years later.

These are the common mistakes that we do in our routine which makes us look older rather than looking fresh and healthy.

  • Make up on while sleeping –This is the common mistake that we do in our daily routine is we go to bed without removing the make-up. When we sleep the whole night with make up on, our pores become more clogged, because of which you get acne. Skin cells also get damaged if we have the practice of sleeping without removing the make-up.
Mistakes that make you look older - Mistakes that make you look older
  • Excess of Contouring – These days contouring has become the top most trends in make-up. From awards to party, contouring is everywhere.
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Contouring has become popular as it gives young experience. It helps in making your features look sharper, but too much contouring can do the opposite of it. It can highlight the aging lines which were left for concealing.

  • Using powder for setting make-up – As we age, the skin starts producing less oil as compared before. Because of the dry skin, powder tends to trickle into fine lines. So instead of using loose powder we should use setting spray.

  • Wearing the wrong bra- You would be shocked to know that the bra can make you look taller, thinner and younger instantly. It not only becomes uncomfortable, but affects your clothes fit and causes you to slump. These two things automatically make you look older.
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  • Choosing chunky jewelry- Chunky jewelry has become outdated these days. We should always choose chain necklaces and thin necklaces and earrings to look younger.

  • Wearing dark colors – Dark color goes with anything. But it doesn’t mean that you always wear only these colors. Less dull colors can make you look and feel younger.

  • You don’t prefer wearing heels – “The more casual your shoes, the older you’re going to look, no matter what else you’re wearing,” says Brittany Allen. If you wear only pumps and boots try replacing it with heels as it will show the sexiness factor in you. Also, you should make sure that your shoes are clean and pulled properly as this is the first thing a man notices in one’s appearance.

  • Reading Glasses – While buying sunglasses you should think that this is your necessity but make it a fashionable trend.

  • Not taking proper diet – This is the foremost and most important thing to look young and fresh. It makes a major impact on your skin. White carbs and high sugar diet make your skin looks dull. Also, drinking alcohol and diet drinks reduces the quality of your appearance. If you treat your body with proper diet and nutrients you are going to get the fresh and healthy skin.

The thing we should always take care to look young is keeping things light and natural.

We should always choose the outfits that make us feel glamorous and confident.

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