Hacks for reusing old Sarees

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Do you have a lot of sarees in your wardrobe and don’t want to throw them? Even your mom, grand mom or mother- in law also has many sarees that they don’t wear anymore? Well, now you don’t have to worry about throwing them, because here are some hacks for reusing your old sarees and keeping them with you ‘ until you feel like’.

Turning old sarees into new clothing wear-

Turning into a pant suit-

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Pant suit are so much in trend and fashionable, and yes, you turn the saree into pant suit. You can get it customized pant suit combination.

Turning into a dupatta-

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Dupatta always enhances your traditional look and made it from your old saree, will make it more special. You can pair it with any kurta or salwar kameez.

Turning into any form of suit – salwar suit, anarkali suit or straight suit-

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Your old saree can be turned into a fully made salwar kameez , anarkali or straight suit. It’s all your choice. Experiment as much as you want, use one full saree or pair with another one for some amazing mix and match.

Turning into lehenga

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If not, any suit, turn it into a lehenga for your bestie or cousin wedding function. Get a fully fledged beautiful lehenga of your choice, this way you will save money and still look pretty in your favourite old saree.

Turning into palazzo or dhoti pants-

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Palazzo made from saree will be so nice to wear. Not just palazzo pant but you can turn into dhoti pants. Both are comfortable, stylish and go to outfit for any outing or occasion.

Turning old sarees into home decor-

Turning into pretty curtains-

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Turning old saree into curtains will not just give a good colourful vibe, but your mother will love to see her saree being used in different ways.

Turning into a pillow or cushion covers-

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Giving some chic look to your drawing room will bring another positive vibe to you. It will make a best decor and will colorful as well. You can add pom- pom or tassels to your cover to make it more beautiful.

Turing into Table mat-

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You can turn your saree into the stylish table mat. It can be for dining table or drawing room. It can be turned into the fully covered mat or for dining mats.

Turing into bags and wallet-

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If you don’t want to wear your old saree but still want to carry, this option is just for you. Convert your saree into handbags or wallet. You can either make it yourself or find someone who can custom makes these for you.

So now you know, how and what to do with your old sarees, and reuse it into different purposes.

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