IPL: A blessing or curse

Featured image IPL - IPL: A blessing or curse

Featured image IPL - IPL: A blessing or curse

Indian Premier League commonly known as IPL is the kid of the BCCI which is the best powerful cricket house in the world. IPL was initiated by the BCCI in 2008 to diminish the personal cricket league called Indian Cricket League (ICL). BCCI and International Cricket Council did not identify ICL and there was a refusal on the players who performed in ICL.

IPL was formed with the aim to give impartial possibilities to the domestic players and to enhance the guidelines of the domestic cricket, but the range to which it has accomplished its aims has to be assessed. IPL is a franchise based contest, where organizations are possessed by the franchise, players play for their franchise and compensated by the team holders.


IPL helps the players particularly the domestic players, the uncapped players to notice the real heat of the International level cricket. This has boosted the playing guidelines of domestic Cricket.

IPL has established a stage for the elder International members to contribute their knowledge with the young appearing players and help them in building the career. This has established much young expertise for Cricket.

IPL has not only aided the Indian domestic players but it has also aided foreign uncapped players. There are abundant instances where a player doing well in IPL has got contingent in their National team.

IPL has also developed in improving the Cricket Stadiums and it has fascinated people to the stadiums.

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IPL was established to decrease ICL, so how can it be growing to Cricket? It is entrenched on the grave of ICL. The real theme of IPL to advance the domestic cricket dies at its very initial step.

IPL is going away from its major aim of developing domestic cricket. It has evolved into the home for the bookie. This is confirmed to be right by the current conclusion of the Supreme Court of India.

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game and it was similar for nearly a century till 1991. The match-fixing problems which evolved then were nearly lead to an end by deliberate laws, but after the creation of the IPL they have appeared up again and are a deliberate danger to the game and its future.

IPL has evolved into a business other than developing the dignity and ego of the Cricket.


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IPL is a mega occurrence in India; it not only advances Cricket but also expands the artistic culture of India to the world which is demonstrated at the time of the starting and ending ceremony of IPL. IPL can consistently be a blessing if it sticks to the necessary laws and develops very powerful regulations in order to decrease the fixing problems. It is very much important for the BCCI and the Indian Sports Ministry and other related departments to take up powerful conclusions. If it is not done directly then IPL will certainly be a History in the near future and it is been confirmed by the Supreme Court law judgment based on the Lodha Committee report.

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