Why PUBG Mobile is the Most Popular Game in India ?

Dy4lK0sU8AIP9Ih - Why PUBG Mobile is the Most Popular Game in India ?

Dy4lK0sU8AIP9Ih - Why PUBG Mobile is the Most Popular Game in India ?

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games not only among youth but among the middle age people as well. A lot of tournaments have also been organized. After the favorable completion of the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, Tencent Games has declared one of the largest mobile gaming contests at the universal level.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 is an every year occurrence which has been separated into the Spring Split and Fall Split, each with a different award pool and Universal Finals. The first set of a game will start later in March 2019 while the date for the Spring Split Global Finals has been decided to be July 2019. Both semi-pro and pro teams will be adept to battle for an enormous $2 million prize pool.

As per the PUBG Mobile official website, members from 10 areas around the world will battle their way over the two splits, battling for the portion of $2 million. The areas include South East Asia, China, Europe, North America, South America, India, Japan, Middle East, Korea, and a certain Wildcard entry. The last level would add some enthusiasm to the contest.


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The Spring Split is expected from March 22 till June 14, with the final round to be expected on July 19. The Fall Split will start on from August till December. There has been massive trouble about tablets not being permitted for this contest, which could be detracting determinant for pro-players.

If a person wants to list their team, head up to the official PUBG Mobile site. Below are the rules and regulations for the enrollment:

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Players must have arrived the age of majority in their country of a home before the beginning of the contest and must acquiesce with any appropriate age ratings from rating control and mobile platform rating systems.

A participant under the legitimate age of majority in their country of residence, but more than 16 years of age i.e. he should have lived for a minimum 16 calendar years after the date of birth as of the contest begin date may compete with agreement from parents or legitimate guardians.

No less than 3 competitors must be from a similar area they list in.

All participants must be rated Platinum or more at the time of listing in the game.

No schedule Changes will be done after registration has been completed.

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Group Rosters must be a least of 4 competitors and no more than 5 competitors with one competitor being an alternative player.

Alternative players may be exchanged out in between matches.

An outcome for the Qualification Round will depend on your results in the game. So you need to be sure that you build a group with a similar name after favorably accomplishing registration.

Nominate a group Leader for all contest transmissions.

The leading group will certify for the 2019 Spring Global Finals.

Registration date and time is 8th March 2019; 03:00 am till 18th March 2019; 10:00 pm.

Enrollment for China, Japan and Korea will be declared at a coming after the date.

Participants may take part in the contest only on mobile phone handheld gadget. A participant may not play on tablets, personal computers, consoles, laptops, or any other non-handheld device.

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