Brace yourselves. Summer is coming!

Picture1 - Brace yourselves. Summer is coming!

Picture1 300x157 - Brace yourselves. Summer is coming!

I am very sure that if Game of Thrones was based in India, Ned Stark would definitely be warning people about the hot and scorching summer rather than the long and cold winter. Like in winter-fell winter has already arrived here in India even when we are standing in the gateway of a very hot and humid summer.

With every passing month, the only thing that has gone up with inflation and the petrol prices is the temperature that we have to face this summer. With a lot of meteorologists already confirming that 2019 is going to be the hottest year, it is very important for us to take enough care of our body to survive this massive heat wave. As the televisions start bombarding with the advertisements of Nycil, Dermicool, and Rasna we must not forget the most important aspect of fighting the heat is our body’s hydration.

So here are a few steps which we can follow to make sure that we have a pleasant summer.

●Start carrying a bottle of “Water”

Picture2 300x171 - Brace yourselves. Summer is coming!
The first and the most basic thing to make sure is whether you drink enough water. You may be having a desk job or a mobile job, but still, always carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. Do not wait for you to feel thirsty to drink water. Try drinking as much water as possible.

●Try getting some water through food.

Picture3 300x171 - Brace yourselves. Summer is coming!
A large amount of our water content actually comes from food. Summer brings us a lot of healthy fruits it may be a juicy watermelon or a musk melon or some cucumbers all of these boost a high water content hence it is quite advisable to consume this to keep you hydrated.

●Stay away from alcohol.

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Summer parties are lit but it is advised to stay away from alcohol. As alcohol is diuretic, they make your body dehydrated hence if you really want to have a great summer then it is better to choose a bottle of water over a bottle of whiskey.

●Drink While Active.

Nothing can stop the gym lovers from hitting the gym. It is advised to stay hydrated while you are active. Make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself active. Even in case if you are driving make sure that you have enough intake of fluids.

Picture5 300x171 - Brace yourselves. Summer is coming!

●Avoid energy drinks.

Anything high in sugar or caffeine is going to dehydrate your body, so avoid the beverages with exceptionally high levels of both sugar and caffeine in energy drinks. Not only these drinks cause dehydration, but they also have adverse effects as well, which eventually can increase the risk for cardiac complications such as palpitations, tremor, shaking, agitations, chest pain, ischemia, dizziness and paresthesia (numbness and tingling).

●Go for the coconut.

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The savior to all, coconut water it is! Coconut water is a mineral-rich liquid from the inside of young, green coconuts. Packed with potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, coconut water can replenish lost fluids and electrolytes from exercise and hot summer temperatures. Try freezing coconut water ice cubes or pops for a refreshing and hydrating summer treat.

●Wear lightweight, breathable clothes.

And last but not the least excessive sweating can lead to dehydration, so wearing the right clothes can help you to stay healthy, hydrated, and cool. Whenever you have to go out in heat choose for lightweight and breathable materials, like cotton or synthetic fibers. Choosing light colors can help you stay comfortable and cool as well.
Stay hydrated Stay healthy and hope you have a happening summer!

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