The Great Indian Cricketing Circus!

Picture1 1 - The Great Indian Cricketing Circus!

Picture1 1 300x157 - The Great Indian Cricketing Circus!

The 12th season of the Indian Premier League has started off with a bang. The modern TV had become monotonous internet had become repetitive So this IPL has only bought a new ray of hope in the life of us singles. There may still be crowd which definitely loves to groove and lip sync on the Bollywood songs. Their hard work and dedication can be clearly seen and I will not ever be surprised if one of them brings an Oscar for our country. But nevertheless, this is not a season for them. This season is about passion and emotions. It’s not about lip syncing it is about crying out the name of our team loud. This is IPL Nothing can match our excitement in seeing our favorite international players wearing our favorite team’s jersey and going out there and putting up one of the biggest spectacles of the game. From the year it was started it has almost been 12 years now and switching to Set Max at 8 in the evening (or sometimes at 4) becomes a daily routine for every Indian. IPL has always been synonymous to entertainment be it the long sixes, the hard-hit boundaries or the perfect equilibrium of Bollywood and Cricket, IPL has it all. Not only the entertainment on the pitch, but it also has a fair share of entertainment off the pitch too. The greatest cricketing festival also has a very light side which has always been used by the Internet to bring a smile on our faces. Let’s take a glimpse at the all-time greatest trolls of IPL.

Not really a royal “Challenge”.

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Imagine a movie with all the biggest stars in the industry The superheroes with almost every power but not able to finish the job. No, I am not talking about any of the DC movies it’s about our own Royal Challengers Bangalore Isn’t this the perfect recipe for a blockbuster movie? They have both Superman and Batman fighting by their side. They have the captain of the best team in the world. They have supremely talented bowlers and even have immensely talented fielders but in some way or the other, they lose. Not once not twice but always. The Liverpool of IPL as some fans have rightly named them to keep on saying “E salla cup nemmade” everyone is still waiting for that year to come.

The Kings and the Daredevils.

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There is always a guy in the class who gets away in the class just because he has got an E and the worst grades achieved are F. Nothing can describe the situation of these teams better. The whole India is busy trolling Virat Kohli and his suicide squad but they are not alone because with Virat’s suicide squad these two teams have also quietly sneaked out from the game. Both have either struggled to win or they have failed to deliver on important occasions but nothing can hide the fact that their situation is almost similar to the Royal Challengers.

The supremely poisonous Kheer.

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We all have our favorite movies the ones which we can never get bored off no matter how many times we watch it. Set Max like the typical Indian parents has already decided what must be our favorite movie and what could be the one thing we would never be bored to watch. As soon as the IPL is over they switch to the Oscar-winning Suryavansham which they believe would have broken the Avengers record if it had been released today. We can never really get over Heera Thakur and the ill famous kheer can we?

The Ambani factor.

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No IPL has ever been complete without Mr. Ambani been trolled for his involvement with his team and the supernatural performance of his players. Each of every Mumbai’s win has always been linked to the financial supremacy of their owners. Mr. Ambani intentionally or unintentionally has always been a highlight of the Great Indian Cricketing Circus.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the biggest festivals in the game. A canvas where all the passion emotion skills tactics game Bollywood and entertainment come together to form one of the most vibrant pictures named as our own Indian Premier League.

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