Food Deliveries Gives New Definition To Dinning

Picture1 1 1 - Food Deliveries Gives New Definition To Dinning

Picture1 1 1 - Food Deliveries Gives New Definition To Dinning

Technology puts a buried impact on the business industry, and if we talk about the food supply and the restaurant industry, then we must say that the technology has changed the entire frame, and it will continue doing a great job. The online food ordering system which is technically developed has changed the restaurant’s culture drastically and gives a new amazing comfort zone to the people across the globe.

On every street, on every signal, and outside every restaurant or café boys with the food delivery bags are often seen nowadays. The food delivery has not only made our life easy but it has also changed the lifestyles vividly. From the people who order to the delivery boys, there is an impact of the delivery system on everyone. Is it a positive or a negative impact? How can it be negative when our life has become easy and the food is just on the fingertips now. Well, there are some impacts which will surely surprise you.

Picture2 1 1 - Food Deliveries Gives New Definition To Dinning

1. The degrading lifestyle of delivery boys:

Quick money is the want for everyone. From young to old everyone is desperately finding a shortcut to earn some extra money and that’s how delivery boys concept work. Students pursuing some education want the extra pocket money to spend on girlfriends and trips and hence these deliveries are the ways to earn that pocket money, because if one delivery can give you almost 100 rupees then 10 deliveries per day is really not a big deal to have as part-time. The food delivery boys can comfortably earn 20 thousand per month, so why would one not choose to do that work. This is where money dominates the human lifestyle. It is definitely not easy for the boys to wait for the food outside the restaurants in such scorching heat and then delivering it door to door, sometimes they are not even treated well which leads to that headline of “UBER EATS DELIVERY MAN TAKES A BITE FROM THE CUSTOMER’S PARCEL”. At times customers deny paying for the food. Well, not all of these delivery boys are uneducated, they are well educated and either they do not get paid enough from their jobs or the family sustenance becomes a concern in their lives which leads to tolerating this hard lifestyle.

2. It is definitely making us less familiar with the world:

Remember the days when food craving used to take us to explore new places and restaurant? Yes, those were the days when it was not just about food, it was also about the company. But the hype in food delivery has changed this scenario because who will not want a cozy evening after the hectic day, hence eating by yourself in being encouraged vigorously making us less familiar to the world.

3. The absolute change in restaurants management:

When a restaurant ties up with the food delivery system, from cooking to packaging everything becomes different. Sometimes for the business sake, the delivery companies introduce some different dishes and combos which is not available in the menu of the restaurant but when there is an online demand the restaurant is supposed to deliver the particular dish. Hence they undeniably need to have the special management for delivering food.

Every coin has two sides and so does the food delivery systems, one side it is making our life easy and on other, it is just spoiling the lifestyle and making us lazy and more prone to junk.


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