Game of Trolls

Picture1 1 2 - Game of Trolls

Picture1 1 2 - Game of Trolls

When the first episode of the Game of Thrones was aired on 2nd March 2010 no one would have ever imagined that this show was going to take the world by storm. Based in the medieval era in the lands of the kings and the knights this show has it all to be one of the best TV series to be ever made. After a long journey of 9 seasons and even a longer wait of more than a year, the final season is set to be released on April 14th. The eagerness and the craze for this show are at its all-time high. Before we find out who really sits on the Iron Throne let’s just have a flashback of what we all have been through.


Jamie and Cersei:

Picture2 1 2 - Game of Trolls

“Phoolon ka taaron ka sab ka kehna hain ek hazaron main meri behna hain saari umar hume sang rehna hain” Guess who took this song really seriously. Yes it’s the King slayer Jamie Lannister. Jamie had Cersei who are apparently siblings share a very intimate relationship and intimate in every sense. When the camera panned to the top of the tower people lost their mind. (One of them was Bran who did actually lose his mind.) The relationship shared by the Lannister siblings is definitely one of the most arguable plot in this saga.


Jamie and his hand:

Picture3 2 - Game of Trolls

Hollywood can only be as half as good as Bollywood and we have already proved it multiple times. We managed to do it in 80’s what they have tried to do today. Remember the iconic scene from the movie Sholay where Gabbar cuts Thakurs both hands. Same occurs with our Hollywood’s Thakur but just that they have been more considerate about his physical needs and have let him have his one hand.


The friend zoned Knight:

Picture4 1 1 - Game of Trolls

Friend zones exist and their origin roots back to the medieval ages. When a knight who has sacrificed everything confesses the Khaleesi about his pure true and unparalleled love she comes up with one of the most epic reply used by girls in modern day “I know”. Every friend zoned guy instantly built connect with Jorah after this incident. So next time somebody says I know after you say I love you, You know where it actually came from.


Danny and Jon:

Picture5 2 - Game of Trolls

Just when we thought we have had enough of the Lannister twins the writers shot us down with another similar plot. When the King in the North and the Khaleesi shared their mutual interests which was every clear Bran revealed that he knew that Jon was a Targaryen. The only question being why Bran had to wait till the time when Jon and Danny become intimate. There is no doubt that Bran is enjoying his own Life.


Tyrion Lannister:

The highlight of the show is definitely the dwarf Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage. It’s been noted from season one that the color of the persons is very much responsible for understanding the family he represents. The character has had a lot of ups and downs but however the one thing that the makeup crew has struggled with is having him look blonde. But from the latest episodes, it is very evident that the team has given up and Tyrion is starting to be portrayed as s dark haired guy. We may never know this may even be a plot twist.

Whatever it may be this English rip-off of Ekta Kapoor daily soap has a lot of fans worldwide and let’s all wait for the winter to come




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