From terrace to Team India.

Picture1 6 - From terrace to Team India.

Picture1 6 - From terrace to Team India.

India is a country with a number of religions. But are we aware of the biggest religion in the country? Giving your brains a break, the simple answer to this question is Cricket. The passion for the game has already reached its epitome. We all love the game and our favorite cricketers are nothing more than lords for us. Each and every one of us somewhere has always wanted to represent our nation in the game just to realize the reality. Representing India in the world cup has always been a dream of every youth.

Some just dream about it whereas some have the mettle to turn the dreams into reality. One such youth has an inspirational story to tell and yes his name is Vijay Shankar. “I was with my friend for 15 years from Chennai, now working in Hyderabad, watching the news on television. I knew the team would be announced any moment and I was nervous. Then came happiness.” Was his statement when he talked about the moment when the squad was announced.

Vijay comes from a cricket-loving family. His father, H.Shankar is a former club cricketer and his brother plays league cricket as well. Shankar’s passion for the game reflects in the fact that he used to play in the car parking area along with his father and brother who was a lower division player in TNCA His father, H Shankar, set up their terrace into a personal training area with nets, synthetic Astroturf and a bowling machine after he felt that the car parking area of 15 feet width and 35 feet length restricted his stroke play and would need two hours traveling time if he wanted to play at the Chakradhar Rao academy run by a former Ranji player. This is very similar to Yuvraj Singh’s story a few decades earlier.

Unlike most modern cricketers these days who are into different kinds of hairstyles and inks on the body, Shankar enjoys being simple without fancy hairstyles or tattoos. Likes to spend time with friends and is a Manchester United fan. While most may think Shankar had it easy, the reality is different. He had a shoulder injury in 2015, and a knee surgery followed in 2016. He had a shoulder injury again after being hit by a ball during India A’s tour to South Africa a few months back. Shankar idolizes Rahul Dravid and watches his performance in Adelaide Test in 2004 for inspiration.

He has worked on his improving his pace and control over the last year. And is definitely going to add a surprise element to the Indian World Cup Team. After all his struggles and after all the ups and downs he definitely will be living his dream when he steps on the field in England.

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