If Modi owned a Channel…

Picture1 2 - If Modi owned a Channel...

Picture1 2 - If Modi owned a Channel...

I think it should be called ‘Digital Mitron’ or ‘Mitron TV’ because the first ever Breaking news that shook the entire nation and the contents of the wallet began with ‘Mitron’!

The caption of the channel will be –
NaMo here for Socie-TEA, Integri-TEA, Uni-TEA, Equali-TEA, Prosperi-TEA & Safe-TEA

A channel owned by a Prime minister will showcase their work on a daily basis, leaving very less opportunity or giving a huge list of opportunities for the opposition to talk about!

Also, the whole day singing praises of the first ever man to have Chowkidar linked to his name, in the form of advertisement, headlines, customized songs, quotes, etc. All this and more will only question our ability at work, my boss will start comparing my work hours with the prime minister, my sick leaves are taken with his, Oh my God, this man is going to rip off my work life!

Picture2 2 - If Modi owned a Channel...

All the employees will have a social media account and the mandatory prefix Chowkidar to their name. Who knows maybe they will address each other like that behind the scenes too. Dude, we have just 2 people with the same name in the office and there’s utter confusion! Imagine so many Chowkidars under one roof, the newsroom!

When the opposition is fighting about his silence on some issues, this man keeps his cool and when the nation is all cool and relaxing, the radio, social media and television flashes – Modi has got to address the nation about something, and there comes “bhaiyo or behno”! Everyone is on toes like a bomb is going to explode and tremors will be felt by the Lawbreaker.

Technically there should be a channel that shows the potential candidate’s work because a majority of the common public still could not understand that why is Modi on international tours while there is unemployed youth of our country roaming around just like that! Is he on the mission of making a world record for the highest number of travels?

Mitron, Modi has paved the way for these unemployed youth and is expecting the youth to think in the correct direction and take the required step and be a responsible citizen! He is abroad not for the obvious reasons what we think! He is not enjoying the jacuzzi with that fancy named Mocktail or partying hard on Bollywood numbers with the Prime minister of that country on a private boat club, he is not even roaming the streets and having those delicacies and posting about it on Instagram with a hashtag ‘must have if in this country’! He is strictly on a business tour, not the one your husband claimed to be while in Thailand…Oops, secrets out! He is out there to make partnership and deals so that some work is brought to India so that those Unemployed youth wake up to work and not ‘Woke up like this’ selfies.

Off late we found out that this 56 inches broad chested Prime Minister of ours is way too updated about Memes. So there will be a half an hour episode of ‘NaMo Meme Time’ unlike Prime Time, where the creativity of the youth will be displayed and appreciated.

There will be a show where all the articles about the Man will be read out by the author himself, in that way we will know the real tone of the humor in the article. (Psst, that way no controversial writers will write quirky things about him, a political strategy you see.)

A channel owned by, not only Modi but any candidate that is sincerely working hard for the betterment of the nation, unless biased, is a platform to express his/her work and will be welcomed and appreciated by the citizens!

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