Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

Picture1 3 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

Picture1 3 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

The serene green landscape during monsoon is the most soothing and fulfilling part. No matter how irritating the rains during office hours are but it feels cool. In these rains one hot cup of chai and pakode, if you get that then literally it is heaven on earth. Although monsoons are not the months of the year where you can take an off but one weekend away from the city in the lushly green nature, how does it sound? Yes, it sounds very perfect and so here some monsoon locations which you must try to experience the serenity little away from the city.

Picture2 3 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

1. Lonavla:

If spending a few days in the luscious green atmosphere is in your list while leaving for a trip then Lonavla is the best place for visiting at this time. There are beautiful narrow streets, greenery at the unbelievable heights and dams and lakes for you to chill. The lion point is one of the peak points in Lonavla and the view from the Lions Point is magnificent and panoramic. You will not want to miss the sunrise or sunset from this place because it will simply make you speechless. Apart from this, there is bhushi dam which is one of the top attractions in Lonavla.  It has scenic hills surrounded by it which adds magnificent beauty to the steps and gushing water through it.

Picture3 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

2. Matheran:

Hill stations are no doubt the great answer to chill and relax without any noise and pollution disturbing your serene aura. And if you really want this vacation to be in the arms of nature, Matheran is an excellent destination where you will isolate yourself to the greenery and fresh air with some excellent views on the top. There are horses to ride from one place to another which will make the trip to Matheran real fun. You will get vintage resorts with excellent food on your way.

Picture4 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

3. Mahabaleshwar:

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in the Western Ghats. It rains really heavily over here. This trip is a perfect 2 days trip. There are vivid strawberries farm in Mahabaleshwar where you can go. The ancient temples, the lush green forests, waterfalls and the hills surrounding the place makes this place more beautiful. You can take the charming views, enticing valleys, and the serene lakes in Mahabaleshwar with good resorts nearby.

Picture5 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

4. Panchagani :

Panchagani is a hill station in Satara district. It is nested in the middle of 5 hills in the sahyadris with the river Krishna flowing through the hills in Panchagani. The Sydney point is a nice view point in this place where you can see the glittering rive of Krishna in dhom dham lake. There is a table land which is a laterite rock which seems like a plateau. And nearby you can go and see the devils caves over here. With this, there are many more places in Panchagani which will make your weekend or any 2-3 day trip really memorable.

Picture6 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

5. Alibaug:

Being one of the coastal towns in western India Alibaug is the best place if you want beaches and greenery simultaneously on your trip. The road trip to Alibaug will also give you a real thrill experience of driving on the narrow Konkani streets and highways. The Revdanda fort in Alibaug is a really nice place to see, it has the beach just at the side of the fort. There are way too many beaches where you can have your perfect beach picture on your trip.  Kihim is one of those vast beaches in Alibaug where you can go. There are coconut trees everywhere in Alibaug and coconuts are the one thing that you can see everywhere here. There is one thing about this place that everyone should know before visiting Alibaug and that is the people here are really nice and polite.Picture7 - Hill Stations to visit around Monsoons

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