modilie - MODILIE-MODI + LIE

modilie - MODILIE-MODI + LIE

In the whole Rahul and Modi drama, one thing is quite fixed and that is entertainment. Yes, that’s how Indian politics work. One party passes statement and the other one hits him back with some tweet a few hours later. Did you hear this word “modilie” from yesterday a lot of times? Well even I heard it a lot and I couldn’t stop thinking of these political puppets and their way of slamming each other. They should stop ruling the country and do some serious stand comedy, suits our Indian politicians a lot, doesn’t it?

Picture2 8 - MODILIE-MODI + LIE

This is how the word modilie came into existence. Rahul Gandhi said that this word modilie defines prime minister Narendra Modi and his work, which actually says that Modi is a lie. A day after Congress president tweeted a screenshot showing ‘Modilie’ as a word in an online dictionary appeared to be Oxford, one of the world’s most recognized English language dictionaries through its verified Twitter account said there is no such word in any of its dictionaries. And embarrassment knocked Rahul Gandhi’s door.

Picture3 5 - MODILIE-MODI + LIE

Oxford dictionary stated that “We can confirm that the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries,” it said. 

Picture4 3 - MODILIE-MODI + LIE

This did not stop here and Rahul Gandhi continued to roast Modi by saying that this is the most popular word currently. What did these people and parties get by making these hilarious comments and statements? It just gave social media new stories and tweeter entertainment.

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