Being a father of the daughter is obviously the most prestigious as well as a responsible thing in his life. Every man kneels down for one female and that is his daughter. Daughters are the apple of father’s eyes, no wonder why they always hold their dad’s hand rather than mom’s because they are aware it is a dad who is going to come back with chocolates and not mom. But being a dad is not so easy and as a father, you generally set some standards in her life for the man who is going to come next in her life. So when as a father you need to deal with your daughter you need to be very careful about her and yourself too. There are various conversations that every father needs to have with his daughter like about sex, drugs, smoking, physical safety, Internet safety and cyberbullying. We have a few things for every father to teach his daughter to make him relieved that he has done all for his daughter.

1. Tell her that you are beautiful inside and out:

It is not any kind of questionable myth rather it is an incontestable fact that she is beautiful and she needs to believe it. No matter what any stranger say while judging her maybe through her appearance or anything nothing should actually make the daughter timid.

2. Express your love:

Fathers are usually bit aloof. Hence many times even if they feel you won’t understand it. But that should be eluded. Let your daughter know how much you love her no matter what if you are angry or sad she should know that you love her, then her fear will become faith.

3. Your hugs and kisses belong to you and are yours to give or not. 

In addition to judgment about appearances, it’s also amazing the degree to which people—men and women alike—demand affection from small children, especially girls. With a bit of foresight, one can see how instilling an obligation to give affection can have potentially serious consequences down the road. While it may be perfectly sweet and appropriate to ask for a hug or kiss, fathers need to be conscious about not demanding them and really diligent about taking “no” for an answer. Both parents should also be unflinching in standing up to other adults who insist upon affection from their daughter. She has to be allowed to own herself.

4. Tell her about your likes and dislikes:

This is tough because these assumptions, despite increased awareness, are very pervasive. They can be deeply ingrained and tough to overcome and often limit a child’s perception of her life opportunities. But my point here is much more about missed opportunities for personal connection. If you are really enthusiastic about sports, make sure to take your daughter to games and talk through your favorite aspects just like you would do with a son. If she doesn’t take to it, that’s fine—the benefit is that she’ll have gained insight into you and what you enjoy. 

5. Physical violence is not good unless it is needed:

There are obviously huge variables around age and maturity here. For boys, rough-housing and physical confrontation are much more socially acceptable (if not socially encouraged). I think it’s crucial that girls and women be prepared for the possibility of a physical confrontation, specifically a physical confrontation with a male. Invite your daughter to study a martial art. At the very least, she should take some workshops where she can practice self-defense. Fathers should also play an active role in supporting self-esteem and body ownership, and in giving the specific blessing to knee a male assailant in the testicles, gauge their eyes, or do whatever is necessary to, if possible create an opportunity to escape.

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