The one who save us should be saved by us now

Picture1 7 - The one who save us should be saved by us now

Picture1 7 - The one who save us should be saved by us now

The gruesome incident in NRS Medical College, Kolkata is of barbaric nature. Dr. Paribaha Mukharjee, who was brutally attacked, is critical and fighting for his life. This intern was hit by the mob of 200 people and he was hit so badly that the guy is in a coma right now with a severe injury to his skull. How heart throbbing is this reaction of any human being towards another human being?

Throughout the social media, this incident is running giving all the doctors and would be doctors a second thought about appearing for all the medical exams now. Is this the situation of the profession which is the noble?
Picture2 6 - The one who save us should be saved by us now
To offend this gesture of the patient’s family all the doctors in Kolkata have come for the strike to ask them to apologize for their action. Although the attackers have been arrested still the doctors, students and professors are on the strike to ask for extra protection in government hospitals so that this brutal incident won’t repeat again.

Here are the latest updates:

Picture3 6 - The one who save us should be saved by us now

11 am: CM Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abesh Banerjee who is a student at Kolkata’s KPC Medical College Hospital has joined the doctors’ protest.

10: 13 am: Kerala doctors’ association will hold a demonstration in front of the secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram at 10:30 am.

10 am: Doctors at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad hold a protest march.

9:58 am: Doctors at North Bengal Medical College, Siliguri observe strike over violence against doctors at NRS Medical College & Hospital.

9:55 am: A patient’s relative outside AIIMS Delhi says, “My mother’s dialysis was scheduled for today. We were told to go and get it done from somewhere else.” Patients being turned away from AIIMS Delhi as the doctors’ association of AIIMS go on protest.

9:50 am: The doctors’ protests in Kolkata have now snowballed and reached Delhi, Mumbai and all centers of AIIMS. Medical bodies in Delhi said that there will be a complete shutdown of all outpatient departments (OPDs), routine operation theatre services and ward visits, except emergency services in the hospitals.
On Thursday, resident doctors at the AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital worked with bandages on their heads in a symbolic protest. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has asked members of all its state branches to stage protests and wear black badges on Friday.

Delhi Medical Association members will protest at Rajghat and hold a press conference at 2.30 pm.

8:30 am. Doctors at Mumbai’s Sion Hospital said they will be observing a silent protest on Friday to protest against the mob assault on Kolkata doctors. Prashant Choudhary, President MARD, Sion Hospital, said, “A mob assaulted doctors on duty at a hospital in West Bengal. When a targeted attack like this happens, it becomes a law and order issue. Today, we are doing a silent protest over the incident.”

8 am. The Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) of AIIMS has issued a statement saying doctors at AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Patna, AIIMS Raipur, Safdarjung Hospital, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, Rajasthan, and Punjab will be observing ‘Black Day’ on Friday and doctors will wear helmets and bandages to work.

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