Why are these Coldplay songs underrated?

123 - Why are these Coldplay songs underrated?

123 - Why are these Coldplay songs underrated?

British pop-rock band Coldplay burst onto the scene in 2000 with the release of their debut album, Parachutes. Known for their chart-topping hits such as “Fix You” and “Viva La Vida,” the band has released seven studio albums, eleven extended plays, and forty singles.

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Beyond the arena rock and tear jerkers: a tour of Chris Martin and Co.’s more obscure (and awesome) tracks are here!

1.“Shiver” was released on March 6, 2000, as the lead single from Parachutes. While the song was not a commercial failure, it was overshadowed by “Yellow,” which was released as the album’s follow-up single. It peaked at number thirty-five on the UK Singles chart and remains a favorite with fans today.

2. Drawing you in from the very first second, “Ink” just might be the best song from the band’s previous album Ghost Stories. It’s light, it’s lovely, it’s that feeling you have when it’s spring and it’s the first day you can go outside without wearing a jacket. Favorite lyrics: “got a tattoo and the pain’s alright, just wanted a way of keeping you inside”.

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3. Serving as the first single from Prospekt’s March, “Life in Technicolor II” was released on February 2, 2009. The song is the vocal version of the instrumental track, “Life in Technicolor,” from Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. It was a moderate commercial success, charting in the Top 40 in several countries.

4. Speaking of love songs, “Us Against The World” is a love song in its purest form. Especially the live version, where Chris Martin starts out on his own and gets joined by the rest of the band one by one as the song proceeds are worth a watch.

5. Released on September 13, 2009, “Strawberry Swing” was the final single from Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. While the song was praised by a number of critics, it failed to make an impact on the charts, peaking at 158 on the UK Singles chart. It was covered by R&B artist Frank Ocean in 2011 for his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra.

6.” Swallowed in the sea” Starting out fairly simple both musically and lyrically, this song progress into one of the most powerful ones the band has ever written, climaxing in the bridge.

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7.“Was a long and dark December/From the rooftops I remember/There was snow/White snow/Clearly I remember/From the windows they were watching/While we froze down below,” Martin sings on the first verse of “Violet Hill.” The song was originally released on the group’s website as a free download before officially becoming the first single from Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Much like “Shiver,” the song was upstaged by the success of the single that followed it. The anti-war protest song was praised by a number of music critics and earned the band two Grammy nominations.

8.”Warning Sign” has that typical Coldplay sound, coming from A Rush of Blood to the Head, arguably the band’s most celebrated album. The recurring lines where Chris tells you he misses you so will have you singing along at the top of your voice, even though you’re not really sure who you’re addressing.

9.”See you soon” What seems like a beautiful, stripped-down love song on the surface quickly grows sniper-rifle sinister: “In a bulletproof vest, with the windows all closed/I’ll be doing my best, and I’ll see you soon/In a telescope lens.”

10.“I just got lost/Every river that I’ve tried to cross/And every door I ever tried was locked/Oh, and I’m just waiting till the shine wears off,’ Martin sings on the chorus of “Lost!” This version of the song was released as a single on November 10, 2008. Several other versions of “Lost” were released in 2008, including “Lost+,” which included Hip hop artist Jay Z and “Lost?” which featured Martin performing the song with only the piano as accompaniment.

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