Why women are saying ‘No kids’

Picture1 8 - Why women are saying 'No kids'

Picture1 8 - Why women are saying 'No kids'

The only gender that creates the next generation is saying NO to the creation, why? You must be surprised to know that every 5th Woman in the world is refusing to have kids.

This article is not promoting the ‘Childfree philosophy’ but we are bringing forth the new phenomenon!

I) Statistics have shown that countries like the US and Great Britain have about 20% of women who do not want children, some can’t conceive, while others are consciously taking up this decision based on reasons like their dedication towards the citizens in matters of Politics, Ecological situations, etc makes them lose their maternal instincts.

II) The absence of maternal instinct is not a psychological deviation, but a consequence of social and cultural factors influencing a person. This was true at any point in history. Just because it was believed that women are meant for birthing and cooking, women in the past did not have many outlooks but now they have rights in their favor and they can choose to live their life on their terms.

Picture2 8 - Why women are saying 'No kids'

III) The other section says that Government funding the young parents to take care of the child is a bad factor and that they need funds to look after the old parents. Health benefits should be made more available in their agenda than taking up the responsibility of kids. In the middle ages, people would abandon the child or take their lives, unless medically approved Termination of pregnancy is also considered illegal now; the reason being fewer funds.

IV) Every day, the world’s population increases by 250,000 people, which is 80 million per year. It is believed that if the number of people on the planet reaches 9 billion, humanity will not only be in an economic crisis, but we will also have nothing to eat. The lack of resources is already present in some regions. According to different estimations, about 124 million people all around the world suffer from famine. So population control is also on their minds while taking up the big decision.

V) There’s also the issue of choosing to take care of the climate. Every person produces about 58 tons of CO2 per year and a crazy amount of trash. Anti-Natalism is the name of the movement of people who are child-free because of ecological reasons. Lesser the people, lesser the trash!

VI) The fear that children might develop a genetic disease often makes women refuse to have children. We’re talking about serious disorders such as schizophrenia, Down syndrome, and many others. In order to be safe, future parents get tested for genetic diseases to find out the probability of passing them down to an embryo and then make a final decision depending on the test results.

Rather than giving life to a child who will have to suffer the entire life, it is better to avoid having children.

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VII) Taking care of a child is a 24*7 responsibility. Right from birth to the time they start earning! Even probably till the time, they have a baby. There may be more serious social and psychological reasons why some women don’t want children. For example, they may have a dream of achieving their creative goals or they may be afraid of not being able to handle the responsibility.

Women earlier didn’t have the right to choose whether they wanted a child or not, and even today, little girls are told that the most important thing in their lives is to find a good husband and give birth to a child. If they don’t they won’t be able to become “complete”. Many women really become happy when they grow up — and this is perfectly normal. But there are other women who don’t think that having a child is an absolute necessity.

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There are celebrities like Cameron Diaz who don’t want children, while there are celebrities like Sunny Leone who have adopted kids and produced their own too, both of these are great deeds! Women are generally judged for the choices they make, whilst women are consciously taking up the decision to have no kids or 5 of their own or adoption! Every choice has to be respected and accepted.

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