Picture1 10 - PADS VS TAMPONS

Picture1 10 - PADS VS TAMPONS

This discussion will never have one conclusion because the use of tampons and pads and the advantages of these will vary widely. The use of these tampons and pads is completely dependent on the woman’s lifestyle and use. Both are equally advantageous and disadvantageous. To give you a better clearance about what you should use here we have a few pros and cons of tampons as well as pads.

Tampon Advantage #1: Size

Picture2 10 - PADS VS TAMPONS

I’m not saying we need to be ashamed of our periods. In an ideal world, we’d be able to wander around casually mentioning our menses to everybody and not get even a blink in return. (Women bleeding = not that big a deal.) But if you are the sort of person who feels uncomfortable at the thought of your menstrual cycle being made public, then a tampon is pretty easy: they’re generally so small that you can smuggle them to the bathroom with no problem. Even the applicator ones can be quietly shoved in a pocket.

Pad Advantage #1: Protection Against Stained Underwear

Picture3 10 - PADS VS TAMPONS

The idea of the pad is a pretty simple and ancient one, but the absorbent power of our current pads is such that they could probably blot an entire ink well. (Not really). For that reason, and because they often cover so much of the underwear they’re stuck on, you’re likely to avoid staining — particularly if you’re the kind of person who forgets a tampon is in and then discovers a vampire party in your pants. (This doesn’t hold true if you’re moving around a lot, though; pads do require adjustment.)

Tampon Advantage #2: No Wet Feeling

You may simply not like pulling down your underwear and being faced with the reality that your uterus is shedding it’s lining. That’s perfectly acceptable, particularly if you’re squeamish about blood or feel somehow “unclean” with menstrual blood present in your underwear for long periods. A tampon is a good way to prevent that sensation.

Pad Advantage #2: No Insertion Needed

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Pads are excellent for people who just don’t want to bother with painful insertion, potentially difficult removal, or the other physical problems of tampon use. (But there’s one myth we need to bust: pads do not have an edge on tampons because of a lower risk of “getting stuck”. It is very, very difficult for a tampon to get lost or stuck inside you, so don’t believe the urban legends.)

Tampon Advantage #4: You Can’t Feel Them

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This is the best part of using a tampon — you can literally forget it’s soaking up your flow for you. Plus, removing them is as easy as tugging on their little, cotton string. If a tampon is inserted properly (i.e. pretty deep into the vagina) it should be completely sensation-less, which means you can go about your day with one less reminder that you’re on your period.

Pad Advantage #4: Safe For Overnight

The one colossal advantage that pads have over tampons is that you can safely use them for longer than you’d be able to safely use tampons — which means they’re the best choice for sleeping. Tampons left in overnight are a bad and potentially infectious idea, while high-absorbency pads are considered far safer. Even the most tampon-friendly girl likely has a stash of night pads for those times when cramps force her to crawl into bed and stay there.

Tampon Drawback #1: They’re Easier To Forget About

Yeah, so that invisibility we talked about earlier? Kind of a terrifying thing if it makes you forget about your tampon altogether. The discrete nature of tampons means that you’re more likely to lose track of how long they’ve been inside of you. In turn, this can lead to both accidental leakage and TSS. Not fun.

Pad Drawback #1: Crinkles And Wrinkles

Look, pads aren’t subtle. If you’re changing one, people are likely going to know about it. Sometimes this can be extremely funny, (there’s a famous viral story about a boy falsely believing a girl had “brought snacks” with her to the bathroom after he heard rustles coming from her stall) but if you value discretion, pads may not be for you.

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