Ekta – Ba Dum Tsh – Kapoor once said……

Picture1 12 - Ekta - Ba Dum Tsh - Kapoor once said…...

Picture1 12 - Ekta - Ba Dum Tsh - Kapoor once said…...

Ekta Kapoor is the Czarina of Indian Television, she has produced and directed over 130 daily soap operas and about 40 web series and released several Bollywood films. These films and television series are all drama-packed! Surreal makeup, Surreal jewelry, Surreal storyline, Surreal characters (read Characters who die and come back alive and repeat) and Extra filmy dialogues. Love her, hate her but you can’t ignore her.

Picture2 13 - Ekta - Ba Dum Tsh - Kapoor once said…...

Ekta Kapoor’s films teach us –

1. A hero never dies.

Does your hero die during the interval? No problem, there will be an exact look-alike far away in a village waiting to bump into the heroine accidentally.

Picture3 12 - Ekta - Ba Dum Tsh - Kapoor once said…...

2. A girl and a guy can never be just friends.

They will even promise that they will remain unique and not fall in love, then comes that breeze where the dupatta gets entangled in the blazers button, or 4-5 books fall on the college corridor, why don’t they carry bags?

3. A flash of lightning and thunder means something bad is about to happen.

It is a birthday celebration, friends have arrived with gifts, cake cutting is about to begin and the moment the heroine smiles at the candles, there’s lightning and thunder and the light goes off the cake blasts. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

4. A hero’s last breathe depends upon the lamp lit by the heroine.

3 bullets to the chest doesn’t kill any hero, point-blank shot at head doesn’t kill a hero, Thor’s hammer hit on the head will not kill the hero, but the heroine forgets to close the window and that innocent breeze coming in blows off the life-saving Jalta Diya, and the hero is dead. Again Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

5. The heroine may have a wardrobe full of Versace and Zara clothes, but her father had to drive auto-rickshaw to meet expenses.

Picture4 12 - Ekta - Ba Dum Tsh - Kapoor once said…...

Bitiya rickshaw chalane se Roadside wala buy 1 get 1 free bright colored ‘Mah Lyf Mah Rulez’ t-shirt milta hai, Versace wale Faux fur jackets nahi! If not, I want to know what rickshaw your dad drives and where? Lokhandwala to Amsterdam?

6. The heroine who wears glasses is boring, take off the glasses and there’s Cinderella!

Fairness creams and even Confidence boosting psychologists are useless, take off your glasses guys!

Pehle main kaafi pareshaan tha, phir maine apne Chashme utaar diye aur main aaj Hrithik Roshan ban gaya hoon! Say whaaaat?

Picture5 10 - Ekta - Ba Dum Tsh - Kapoor once said…...

7. Dancing in the rain is mandatory if you’re in Love.

Every road is suddenly empty and there’s just enough light for the lovers to dance in the rain!

8. Crying in the rain is mandatory when love fails.

Okay let’s be honest, there are people driving on the roads only if you are sad on rainy days. Because “Abe oye dekh ke nahi chal sakta kya?” Bhai dil toota hai, andha bhi ho gaya hoon!

9. Dancing in the rain is mandatory, even if you’re not in Love. It will rain anyway!

Rain is a multi-functional season, you’re happy because you met him, it rains. You found your first husband’s mangalsootra on the road that was lost 5 years ago, it rains. You spot the Panipoori stall where you had to walk 10 miles with your dad in childhood, it rains. You’re crying, it rains, you are eating, it rains, you fart, it still rains. But you can dance anyway, according to the situation.

10. The name will tell you if you are rich or poor.

The richest characters will have names like Riya, Piyu, Tara, Rahul, Aman, Rohit, etc, poor people have long names like Lakshman Prasad, Rajendra Chaurasia, Gajamukhi, Kesariya, Rajalakshmi Lehsun Pyaz Adrak, etc…

There’s enough drama to question your sensibility in the end but it is so full of masala that her work draws attention. Ekta Kapoor also works on scriptwriting, creative conversion and concept building. Having been chosen as one of 50 of ‘Asia’s Most Powerful Communicators’ by Asia Week magazine in 2001, she has helped launch the careers of many actors and actresses.

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