Pathetic Superstitions

Picture1 14 - Pathetic Superstitions

Picture1 14 - Pathetic Superstitions

We live in a country where more than half the population literally thrives on baseless superstition. All of us have also been brought up with a set of weird superstitions and most of them simply defy logic. Yet, there are many who refuse to question their rationality and continue to live in blind faith.

Only Indian superstitions will tell you that crow shit is actually good for you. And it gets weirder than this! Here are some superstitions which don’t make sense, but we Indians blindly follow.

1. Cats crossing the road

Picture2 14 - Pathetic Superstitions

If a cat crosses your road while you are going somewhere you are told to cancel the trip because it could bring bad luck.

2. Lemon and Green Chilli

Picture3 13 - Pathetic Superstitions

Hanging lemon and 7 green chilies by vehicles and shops are supposed to ward off bad omen. The thread that goes through this combination is scientifically a method to absorb the acid from the fruit whilst it is fresh. This smell keeps pests and insects away from the shops. This is a simple pesticide which came into practice from ancient times.

3. No trimming and cutting after sunset

Picture4 13 - Pathetic Superstitions

Trimming beard and cutting nails were not allowed in ancient times after the sunset because there was no electricity then and it could lead to accidents.

4. Bath after funeral

Picture5 11 - Pathetic Superstitions

Funerals usually take some time and by then the body starts decomposing and the germs spread in the atmosphere which is unhygienic. That is why taking a bath after a funeral is recommended.

5. Tuesday – Haircutting day

Picture6 8 - Pathetic Superstitions

In ancient times, weekly off was on Monday, so most of the cleaning used to be done on that day and the barbers would be free of work the next day, so to make them earn money on Tuesday like other days, the oldies came up with a good idea.

6. Beauty spot to ward off the evil eye

Picture7 7 - Pathetic Superstitions

Indian babies have beauty spots made of kohl on their forehead in varying sizes. Since it makes them look ugly it is believed that evil eye stays away from the kids.

Nowadays the babies have beauty spots on forehead, cheek, palm and under the feet too! That’s way too much.

7. No sweeping after sunset

Picture8 3 - Pathetic Superstitions

Again since there was no electricity, coins or precious jewelry could be lost if swept out. So no sweeping after the sunset.

8. Eye twitching

Picture9 2 - Pathetic Superstitions

Spasm or twitching of the eye is very common. One of the eye twitching brings bad luck, other eye twitching brings good luck too, is what is believed!

9. Menstruating women are impure

Picture10 2 - Pathetic Superstitions

The entire mankind came into existence because of the menstruation and somehow the menstruation itself is considered impure. Actually, it is good for women because being considered impure means they don’t have to cook, clean, or serve God, complete rest during those days.

10. One rupee coin is considered auspicious

Picture11 - Pathetic Superstitions

When money is gifted in an envelope during any good ceremony or celebration happening, a one rupee coin is included as the beginning of a new cycle in counting and hence is considered auspicious.

Earlier not many people were educated and so to make them follow certain rules, superstitions were made. But till date when maximum people are educated, some of these superstitions continue to prevail in society. Unfortunate!

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