The Secret Behind Kareena’s Fit Body

Picture1 16 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

Picture1 16 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

In an era of zero figure being a chubby panda is really only one of its kind, but we don’t want to be that chubby panda to not fit in those A-line dresses and crop tops. That’s why exercising and dieting is on everyone’s list nowadays. Starting the hectic schedule of the day by hitting a gym and having the right proportion of food at the right time has become a routine for almost all of us, isn’t it? And if not then it should definitely be.

Picture2 16 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

The one thing that helps us to be motivated for getting in right shape is the celebrities. Remember the zero figure trend of Bebo, Kareena Kapoor was lit in that avatar a few years ago, that had ultimately set a trend for almost every other girl. Let’s see the hidden truth about that zero figure which Kareena Kapoor flaunted so flawlessly. Among all the Bollywood Kareena Kapoor is the one hot actress whose diet plan is always in discussion. After she set the trend of zero figure, the arrival of Taimur Ali khan made her lose that figure, but that was a challenge she took for herself and now you can see the same Kareena Kapoor who gained so much of weight, now when she came back into her original figure her diet became a huge point of discussion for everyone. The most surprising thing about her diet is that there is no boring food included in her diet, the only thing Kareena Kapoor eats is the home-cooked healthy food.

Picture3 15 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

Well, it should be an inspiration because who won’t like to lose the weight by having the delicious home-cooked food. Kareena Kapoor in an interview said that no need of having those tasteless foods for losing your weight after pregnancy, you can eat the home-cooked basic food and still get into shape.

Kaanmantra for losing weight:

Picture4 15 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

Interacting with fans in a live session conducted on social media with celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, the mother of one dished out some diet secrets and also quashed a lot of myths, saying that she cannot do without rice in her diet! The actress, 37, added that both she and her husband, Saif Ali Khan swear by rice and do not skip it!
Just when you thought that rice was the one thing you have to avoid to lose weight, you have two fit celebrities proving it all wrong. In fact, for Kareena, khichdi is her comfort food which she likes to eat frequently. In fact, for fans who asked her for weight loss tips, Kareena suggested them to trust locally sourced and produced home cooked food!

From baby bump to sexy belly:

Picture5 13 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

One thing that is often talked about is Kareena’s drastic transformation post giving birth to her baby boy, Taimur. Kareena said that besides following a disciplined diet, she exercised regularly and slept on time – and she said that these three things made a huge difference to her waistline. She also said that it took her one year to get in shape, which is completely normal. She also encouraged people to listen to their bodies and eat holistically:
She added the cherry on the cake in an interview for all moms that “I also want other moms to know this when I say, eat to help your body get nutrition from the inside and not lose weight fast. It should be holistic, not just weight loss”

Don’t miss the seasonal foods:

Picture6 10 - The Secret Behind Kareena's Fit Body

Kareena also stressed on the importance of including nutrient-rich, seasonal food in your diet, which we absolutely agree. Locally grown, organic and conscious food benefits your body in a lot more ways than you know and helps you get fit from the inside. She also gave a low down of her summer must-haves, adding that she never misses out on the summer foods like mangoes (yes, Kareena loves eating them like you), dahi chawal, kokum drinks and even nimbu pani, which keeps them hydrated and infused with essential proteins!

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