Cartoon 90’s vs Now

Picture1 17 - Cartoon 90's vs Now

Picture1 17 - Cartoon 90's vs Now

An era comes for art form where the status quo goes on for so long that pressure builds beneath the surface to break away from it. And when it finally blows, innovation and imagination starts cascading out. The 90’s was a Cartoon Renaissance where cartoonists realized children could be smart and adults could enjoy cartoon too.

We are taking the easy route. Older cartoons were forced to have more narrative, because of the limitations, and to sell more toys. This created many memorable cartoons that warmed our hearts.

Picture2 17 - Cartoon 90's vs Now

Animations now are more fluid but also have less effort put into them. Why? To maximize profits. Old animations had more detail, and in-betweens, which might not have been as fluid but looked amazing. Simpler styles wouldn’t have sold back then because most shows were backed by toy sales.

The simpler animation styles also mean they have the freedom to exaggerate and make better slapstick but it’s something that has become way too overused.

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Now a lot of cartoons have a simplistic style, and fluid animation. Yes, the animation is better but this style is more comical and doesn’t suit story-heavy animations so they make things like TTG or even another reboot of Ben10. Detailed backgrounds do not fit, and take too much time so they stick something simple instead. The lack of workmanship is appalling.

However, there are American cartoons that are good now, just much more scarce. You have the Adventures of Gumball, a unique show that is humorous for all audiences. You can see the effort they put into it, and it’s worth it. Gravity Falls, a story-driven cartoon whose style is kind of ironic to what the show is about.

We need to stop slacking and putting too little effort into our cartoons, we need to stop using flash animation, be unique, and create shows that stay with the kids until they grow old. Dumb shows may be funny every now and then but we get sick of it real fast.

But parallelly, nostalgia blinds people, everyone overlooks new cartoons because they grew up on the older ones, it’s like playing an old game and loving it so much that you wish you could forget about it just to play it again. Nostalgia is the factor that makes everyone like older cartoons more. Today animators can do a better job, there are better-animating programs and a lot of the times they do a pretty good job.

Cartoons will continue to grow as time moves on and hopefully continue to get better because that’s a part of life. The longer people work on things the better they will get provided the artists are given a better storyline and content.

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Aladdin, Tom and Jerry, Disney, Dexter’s laboratory, Powerpuff girls, Looney toons, Duck tales, Popeye, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, etc made our childhood awesome and they had clear morals, unlike the new age Ben 10, Pokémon, and weirder crazy looking cartoon characters. As compared to the new cartoon, 90’s cartoons could be drawn easily, and taught kids to out and play, the newer cartoons make the children ask for gadgets and gizmos.

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