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Picture1 18 360x188 - NUDE PAINTING THE FINEST ART


How will you define a painting? An image? Well, painting is the perspective of the artist who tends to look at something which seems to be normal yet unique. It can be a person, a bird, an animal or a tree, painting of anything has a story hidden behind it. There are so many types […]

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Picture1 14 360x188 - Pathetic Superstitions

Pathetic Superstitions

We live in a country where more than half the population literally thrives on baseless superstition. All of us have also been brought up with a set of weird superstitions and most of them simply defy logic. Yet, there are many who refuse to question their rationality and continue to live in blind faith. Only […]

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Picture1 2 360x188 - The slightly leaned Indian adoption

The slightly leaned Indian adoption

Recent data from the Ministry of Women and Child Development reveals that 60% of the adopted children in India between 2015 and 2018 were girls.  According to a report by The Hindu, of the 11,649 children put up for in-country adoptions during the given period; 6,962 were girls and 4,687 were boys.  This sounds great, right? The first thought […]

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Picture1 3 360x188 - Stories of Communal Harmony

Stories of Communal Harmony

India is blessed with such stories in abundance where faith in humanity is restored! There are unbelievable examples where India has stood tall to prove ‘unity in diversity’. Read along to know the Permutations and Combinations that happened and continues to happen – 1.When the Sikh community in J&K’s Trail organized an Iftar party for […]

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Picture1 11 360x188 - #SAYNOTOCHILDMARRIAGE


Since the age of Ramayana and Mahabharata, we have seen the act of child marriage in practice. Even in the times of the Maratha Empire children used to be married at the age when they should actually be studying. Well now even after so many decades this problem of child marriage is seen in many […]

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Picture1 6 360x188 - THE KOHINOOR WAPSI NEWS


Have you heard the news that read ‘queen will give our diamonds back if India wins the World Cup this year’? I’m sure you have read about it ’cause the news kinda created quite the stir on the internet recently! #KaashNewsAisaHota was trending with some really hilarious assumptions (and I was secretly hoping that this news is accurate […]

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Picture1 9 360x188 - Labor Day - History and Mystery

Labor Day – History and Mystery

Laborers are the engine that works behind any successful machine. In a world of zero hour contracts, unpaid internships, bogus self-employment, and the gig economy; the fight for workers’ rights has never been more relevant. Workers have the powerful energy to bring to the organization if you trust them enough to tap that fuel source. […]

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“Dad for whom did Shahjahan build this huge structure?” “Son shah Jaan build this intrinsic Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaz, in the 16th century as a symbol of love” This conversation of every son and dad takes us back to the heritages that were built years ago. The heritage of any country is the […]

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Featured Image 2 360x188 - 5 K’s of Sikhism

5 K’s of Sikhism

In America and throughout the world Sikh men are simply identified because of their turbans, streaming beards and stainless steel wristbands. In 1699, Guru Gobind Singh Ji commanded Khalsa Sikhs to wear five items all the time. They are Keshwhich is the uncut hair. Kangha, it is the wooden comb for the hair. Kara, it is […]

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Featured Image 360x188 - The Four sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

The Four sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Our Indian history is thronged with the stories of sacrifice and agony. After knowing about the sacrifices of the kings and common men, folks feel inspired even now. The tenth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the one who has inspired the whole world. To save the life of common people he sacrificed […]

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2 4 360x188 - Amazing facts about India

Amazing facts about India

India is a boundless country and surrounded by the top developing countries in the world. It has many diversifications in vocabulary, customs, cultures and many other things. There are so many delightful facts about India that we can learn about. This country has a diversification of customs and expanded history. Amazing facts about India are: The name ‘India’ is […]

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FI 360x188 - What happened to Radha after Krishna died?

What happened to Radha after Krishna died?

When it was time for Krishna to move out from Vrindavan and go to Mathura to fulfill his divine mission, Radha’s life took a different turn. She was married to a Yadav man and as years rolled by, Radha completed her household responsibilities and grew old, but all this while her soul was devoted to […]

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Coconut and Banana are offered in the temples 500x375 360x188 - Why Mostly Banana and Coconut are offered to God?

Why Mostly Banana and Coconut are offered to God?

Coconut and Banana are the only two-fruits which are considered to be the “Sacred Fruits”. All other fruits are tainted fruits ( partially eaten fruits). The reason is that these fruits does not grow after throwing the leftover part. Also, it doesn’t get germinated by bird drop. If you eat Coconut and throw its outer […]

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Rani Lakshmi Bai 768x459 360x188 - 10 Hidden Facts about Rani Lakshmi Bai

10 Hidden Facts about Rani Lakshmi Bai

History’s frequently set apart with the accomplishments of men throughout the years. In any case, there are a couple of females that respect the most extreme regard with their feeling of set out and may. Rani Lakshmi Bai is one such persona that has opposed the intelligent thinking of the history and made her blemish […]

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cosmic turtle 360x188 - Did ancient Hindus really believe in a cosmic turtle?

Did ancient Hindus really believe in a cosmic turtle?

I have mentioned it repeatedly that Hindu idols and mythological figures are symbolic representations of a deep philosophical value. These giant larger than life characters are not to be taken literally, but figuratively. I will tell you where the “giant cosmic turtle” comes from. One fine day, the entire world lost all its wealth. The […]

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featured 8 360x188 - Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday 2018: How | When | Why | it is celebrated | poem | wishes | quotes

Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday 2018: How | When | Why | it is celebrated | poem | wishes | quotes

Various diverse occasions stamp the Christian calendar amid loaned, including Maundy Thursday, yet what precisely is it? Maundy Thursday respects the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles and is followed by Good Friday. Maundy Thursday is also called Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries. It […]

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