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Picture1 19 360x188 - Only married people can relate -

Only married people can relate –

Marriage is about being more than just lovers, husbands have to be warmers and ACs too! Wife is the one who decides, No prize for guessing which of these faces are of the husband while he is with friends and while he is with his wife- Poor husband will find a way to keep that […]

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Picture1 2 360x188 - If Modi owned a Channel...

If Modi owned a Channel…

I think it should be called ‘Digital Mitron’ or ‘Mitron TV’ because the first ever Breaking news that shook the entire nation and the contents of the wallet began with ‘Mitron’! The caption of the channel will be – NaMo here for Socie-TEA, Integri-TEA, Uni-TEA, Equali-TEA, Prosperi-TEA & Safe-TEA A channel owned by a Prime […]

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When the whole world is so busy with booking the tickets for end game and then in the theatres, everyone is shouting and yelling at the scenes, did anyone come up with the question of ‘what if Avengers was made in Bollywood? Would the josh of the people remain so high if they came to […]

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Picture1 1 2 360x188 - Game of Trolls

Game of Trolls

When the first episode of the Game of Thrones was aired on 2nd March 2010 no one would have ever imagined that this show was going to take the world by storm. Based in the medieval era in the lands of the kings and the knights this show has it all to be one of […]

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30 360x188 - Pictures speak Louder than Words

Pictures speak Louder than Words

A photograph always speaks something. Things which can never be expressed in words. Emotions which cannot be explained that easily. But a picture can. Definitely can. So here are some of them, which speaks a lot. 1. Give up your seat to someone who carrying something more important. 2. Show your face, not your phone’s […]

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featured image 1 360x188 - आपके  डर्टी  माइंड  का   होगा  यहाँ  टेस्ट..!!!

आपके डर्टी माइंड का होगा यहाँ टेस्ट..!!!

वह दिन गए अब जब किसी को आप मासूम कह सकते हैं । रोज मिलते ज्यादा एक्सपोज़र के साथ हम दिन प्रति दिन गन्दी चीजे सीखते हैं । कुछ ऐसी छवियां हैं जो आसानी से साबित कर सकती हैं कि आपके पास गंदे दिमाग है । एक ऐसे दिमाग वाले आदमी से बात करना मजेदार […]

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f1 360x188 - Creative Desi Ads that will make you go ROFL….

Creative Desi Ads that will make you go ROFL….

Advertisements are intended to produce interest yet these promotions below are altogether humorous and marginal crazy. These ads were found on posters, billboards and at times even in printed media. It indicates how publicizing marketing specialists need to think twice before concocting these promotions. 1.Chowkidar’s activity is more sought after as lecturer is paid lesser […]

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